WHY PAINT? by Mitchell Pluto.

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In response to the question asked by last weeks blog post from Marcia Cook, Mitchell Pluto reflects on this question as well. Mitchell Pluto is an exceptional Surrealist Artist. You can see his Flootie profile here.


I started painting when I was 14, right around the time I found a book in the library on the surrealists. Everything the surrealists did fascinated me. These artists were exploring inner space , a region of the unknown that always attracted me. The works of surrealists were x-rays of the collective unconscious. After studying art and museum studies at Johnson State College in Vermont, my interests in surrealism turned to researching primitive cultures, outsider art and art brut.fullmooninscorpio

One of the most inspirational places that made a deep impression on me was living in Taos, New Mexico. This is where I started to become very attentive to my own expectations and how they influenced the creative process within me. Having been taught conventionally, I had a skill to render imitation with some style but my art to me lacked spontaneity. With some practice I employed methods the surrealists used to dowse the surface of the subconscious. One way was finding images in accidental backgrounds. This technique produced visual arrangements that were more organically sequenced and less over composed.Radio109ZepTepi

Before my wife and I left Taos. I was in the Taos Meets Taos show for three years 1999-2001. In between, I had many bohemian coffee houses show my work. While on the road I sold paintings at craft markets and fairs. When we settled in Missoula, Montana in 2006 I sold work at the People’s Market.automemetaboo In 2009 I was invited to the Expo Umbral Secreto in Chile to have my work shown in the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum. This will be my second year of having my paintings at The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. My work is currently at Magicraftsman-Hatch, in Spokane Valley, Washington and Free Association- Jacksonville, Oregon.

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