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“The Artists Marketing Tool Box”

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Who We Are

We love Art! We Love to help the Artists! We are dedicated to supporting our future artists through our “Artists Forever” Grant Program directing “art supply” grants to grade school art classes. has a goal to make the phrase “Starving Artist” OBSOLETE!

What We Do
1.Innovative Marketing: We have decades of experience and we love to see the success stories of our artist friends. subscribes to the concept of “Concentric Marketing” bringing the audience to our artists from several directions. Supporting your traditional Art Gallery and Art Show efforts, Direct Email, Television and Video as well as Social Media.
2.Teaching: We realize that Marketing does not come natural to many. However the reality is that in order to be successful the artist needs to participate in a marketing strategy and execute it faithfully. We take a one-on-one approach to teaching some basic marketing skills and helping the artist develop their own plan for success. This can be email, text or even by phone in many cases. Inbound-marketing1
3.Creative Web Concepts: Most art for sale sites on the Internet are what we call “Post it and forget it” type sites. The artist posts their full body of work in a Gallery and hope that someone comes through and wants to buy. This may occasionally happen but it is hardly the way to create your brand and build a focused base of fans that you stay connected to and interact with. We suggest to our artists that they load 1-2 images per week on Flootie and make the effort to encourage people to select them as a “favorite artist”. This connects the artist and fan so that when the artist loads more works the next week, the fans get a “once per week” auto generated email alerting them to more works available from their “favorite artist”. This keeps the artist and their fans engaged and up to date with the latest works from the artist. 4.Supercharge Your Traffic: Since does not charge a commission for sales, we do not compete with other sites that you may have your works for sale. This means that you can direct the traffic you get from Flootie to your Website, Etsy™ or FineArtAmerica™ type accounts. This can be done by creating the web link in the description box when you post an image on Flootie. Our goal is to help you sell more art! 5.Participate in the Flootie Fun: All our Flootie Artists are invited to share stories, inspirational insights and more on TheArtMarketingBlog. The Internet likes to see you engaged and ranks you higher in search engines when you are. We also invite our Artists to create video for Flootie TV currently showing in several states across the US. We have a segment called “Where’s Art”? that highlights video from our artists around the world. We even have a link in your Flootie profile that allows you to upload a video to your page. We engage the public with a format that is fun and inviting rather than exclusive and limiting.

The World at your Fingertips
The World at your Fingertips

6.Flootie does not jury the art or the artist: We feel that all artists from the experienced to the beginner has the right to show their works to the public. Flootie is the vehicle to do that. Many artists sell their works because of the relationship they have built with clients. Buying artwork can be a very personal experience driven by many factors. The perceived quality of an artwork is just one of those factors. Flootie is a viewer managed site and an artwork can be “flagged” as inappropriate. Tasteful nudes are beautiful, pornography is not and is not tolerated on Artwork that spreads hate or bigotry is also not allowed. If an artwork is flagged, Flootie staff will review. If it is deemed acceptable it will be reinstated. If it is not it will be deleted. If an artist continues in an effort to conflict with the rules stated above, Flootie reserves the right to delete that artist account.

Want to learn more about Flootie? We encourage you to visit our Video Page. There you will find instructional videos, fun and crazy videos, and videos of some great artist interviews on Flootie TV.

Want to meet other artists and see what they are doing? Visit the “View Artwork” page and select a couple artists as “Favorite Artists” yourself and stay connected.

Want to learn what makes other artists do what they do? Visit TheArtMarketingblog page and read all about artists from many places creating some wonderful artwork.

We look forward to meeting you!

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