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I want to sell art but what should I do?

A saying my late father taught me when I was very young was “the hardest thing to do in anything that takes risk is…start”.  There are all sorts of events that “should happen” or milestones that “we need to get to before”.  If we let all the voices convince us that we are not ready yet then likely we will never get there.
The Market by Del Gish

In my business experience I have learned that the education that is gained by learning from mistakes is extremely valuable.  Sometimes it is only through those mistakes that we can actually learn how to do it right so do not be afraid to make them.  Don’t claim to be the expert that you are not.  Rather embrace the fact that you are on a journey to learn.  In fact, that is a great mindset to keep because we rarely “get there” and have nothing left to learn.

Making Artwork and selling Artwork is much the same.  Take risks, try and sell in venues that you may not have thought of.  Learn the Internet and embrace Social Media even if you are not a “computer person”.  Those avenues are the cutting edge of how sales and marketing will be done along side of the traditional ways. Sometimes these things can seem daunting and beyond our scope and comfort level.  It is my opinion though that it is through these efforts that we get stronger and more confident.  Tree’s that are never exposed to the wind have shallow roots and the first time they see stress they topple over.  Tree’s that have fought the wind their whole life have deep roots and can take the stress and survive very well.

We are much the same.  Dig deep and grow your roots into uncharted soil.  Do it with determination and set your goals and expectations accordingly.  If you run into a rock just grow around it and keep digging.  With perseverance and a goal you will get there.

There are billions of people buying art.  In 2012 the estimated world art market sales volume was $60,800,000,000.00 (Yes that is 68 Billion 800 Million Dollars!) Now, our goal is to find the ones who want to buy the art we have for sale.  They are out there…..just keep digging.

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