Special Guest Post “Pursuing Anjali” by Denise Pellissier

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Pursuing AnjaliThe Making of “Pursuing Anjali”
I love films where the main character is a simple person who gets into unusual situations and can’t seem to control fate.  And this thesis became the cornerstone concept for “Pursuing Anjali.”
After contemplating the idea, I thought “What if an incredibly smart guy got himself into this pattern?”  And that is how Luxe was born. Shortly after, I ran into a friend whose son holds a Masters in Astrophysics from Tech, and she said he has become an actor.  Wow!  Another layer of Luxe created!  So the finishing touches of Luxe are modeled after this brilliant guy.
As I got more excited about the idea another inspiration hit, “What if we filmed in 2 different countries, working independently of each other, yet striving to create a cohesive story?”  So I reached out to India via the Web and connected with Prashant Sehgal, a talented director in New Delhi.  He cast the amazing actress who portrays Anjali.  (I have not met them but hoping a trip to India is in my future.)
Then with no experience but strong determination, casting, re-writes and filming began.   And in the way life imitates art, the filming of “Pursuing Anjali” became a project as unpredictable as Luxe’s night.
12 episodes create the pilot, and then the interactive component starts.  Viewers can send in their plot ideas to be voted on through the Pursuing Anjali Facebook page (link below) or on youtube.  The idea receiving the most votes will be filmed, in Atlanta and New Delhi and aired.
To learn more about the filming of “Pursuing Anjali” and to meet the cast, visit the Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Pursuing-Anjali/590195161037590

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