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Stagnant is an ugly word.  To me, it means you are going nowhere.  In fact, it really means you are going backwards as those who are moving forward with innovation and change are progressing fast in front of you.  imagesCAO3MVZO  We have become a nation that seems to need constant stimulation.  We need the newest phone or latest gadget.  The same is true with marketing.

What worked last year may not be enough this year.  Social Media and the demographics keep changing,  art shows are no longer the same as they used to be, printing and availability of artwork has changed.  This may be a lot to swallow but it is the fact.  In order for the best tools to have the best results we need to keep adding, changing, learning and trying new ways.

Flootie could have rested on the Social Media sharing tools, but we did not.  We could have been happy with the Invite a Friend features but it is not enough, even adding does not completely satisfy the need for more.  Today through our relationship with International Rescue Productions we have added My Art Folio as another tool in your marketing tool box. This product must be purchased directly from IRP but for a greatly reduced price for members.  Video marketing is making huge inroads in the sales world.  Youtube is fast out pacing the behemoth Facebook for most traffic on the Internet.  My Art Folio is a 2 minute video presentation for the artists and their art.  Here is an example from Flootie Artist Elsie Stewart (click on image).

My Art Folio

Will we stop here? No way!  We have many new and exciting developments already underway.  Come and join us.  If you are a fan of the arts you can join us for free here

If you are an artist you can join us here  (psst…type in the word SUCCESS in all caps in the promo code box and you will get 90 days free!)

You can count on the fact that will keep adding new idea’s and work hard to stay ahead of the curve in an effort to give you the most current tools to market your artwork.

Thank you for being a part of our family of art lovers and art makers.

Dean Cameron

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