My Parents Always Taught Me To Share

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Growing up as a kid in the 60’s and 70’s before the rise of technology, my parents always taught me the value of sharing.  It was a gesture to dispel greed and enrich someone else with something that I had and they did not.  Today in our technology driven society, “sharing” is akin to “informing”.

Orchestrate Success

In many ways the use of the term has grown legs to become the most powerful of terms.  Social Media is nothing without the “word of mouth” style of promotion or “sharing”.  I was amazed that the recently grown business “Whatsapp” was purchased by Facebook for 19 BILLION Dollars!  Why would Facebook pay so much?  Because it works.  Business has become dependent on a very fast paced and ever changing landscape of using the word of mouth marketing via Social Media “sharing”.This can seem daunting to stay on top of all this change and new methods of developing an audience but think about it for a minute.  Social Media and all it’s variants can reach MILLIONS of people with a little research, hard work, the right tools ( being a part of this) and an “I am going to make this business work” determination.  All of this with very little cost.  It was not that long ago that in order to “share” your message with that many people you would have had to spend huge amounts of money in the print media or radio/TV marketplace. The statement “The best form of advertising is word of mouth” has not only been proven but in fact it has become the predominant and most lucrative form of advertising in history.

Do not misunderstand the above use of the term “hard work” above.  Just sharing an image once on Facebook and waiting for the orders to roll in is like opening a business and sitting by the phone and waiting for it to ring.  Your chances of success will be extremely small.  It takes a plan, it takes reaching out and asking for people to follow you and adding contacts and friends, it takes research to learn the best times to post (when are your potential clients most likely online?), it takes deciding where to build the most significant presence and using available tools to create a following. recently added a feature under each Art image that looks like a plus (+).  This is a link to be able to share the image through hundreds of sharing vehicles to get the word out about your work or an artwork you are impressed with.  It may seem like overkill to have that many options but think about it.  Each Social Media site depends upon people to use it and others to respond in order for it to achieve success.  They WANT you to like and use their site.  You have at your fingertips a huge war chest of businesses creating platforms to “get the word out”.  These businesses compete with each other to improve their reach and create a better place to “get the word out” even more.

You may have heard me say this before but I cannot emphasize it enough. “Selling art is all about how many eyes see it”. That said, the best way to get more eyes to see the work is to use as many vehicles that you can to do so.  This means Art Galleries, Art Shows, Websites AND Social Media in it’s many forms.  This takes discipline and planning.  In my 30+ years in business I have learned that repetition and commitment is key to success.  It starts with the commitment that “I am going to do something to advance my goal every day”.  That may be a 20 minute task or an 8 hour marathon depending on the situation but the discipline of a daily commitment keeps the goal in plain sight. has made that commitment to work every day to improve our website to become the best sharing tool and portal to the Social Media marketplace for you and your partners.  Like the businesses I mentioned earlier, our success depends upon your satisfaction. We are unique in the aspect that we do not compete for the sale of your artwork but rather we create a vehicle for you to share your works through our site and point them to you and your sales partners (your email, gallery partner, website, Etsy, Ebay or other shopping cart venues).  If you put up a sign on a street that advertises your artwork (typical web post) but nobody is driving down the street to see it you will likely see no results.  Now if you divert the traffic from the information highway ( sharing tools) and point them down the street to see your sign the potential for success is magnified.

In the coming weeks we will be launching several new features and even more opportunities for you to build a system to share your work or favorites.  You can count on our commitment to become the best “Artist Marketing Toolbox” on the web.


Dean Cameron

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