Missing the Trail

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Introduction: Carolyn Hancock resides in the great State of Texas.  Here is a snippet of her bio on Flootie.com.  “My paintings are about people, and that magic time when emotion, mood and gesture reveal an elusive moment. A story and a little mystery lie in that moment, and I hope to translate that feeling onto paper so that the viewer participates.”

To learn more about Carolyn and to see the full body of her work on www.Flootie.com please visit her profile page here:  https://www.flootie.com/profile/?id=141

"I Wonder"What happens when you miss the trail going UP the mountain? That thought bounced around my mind as we trudged AROUND the mountain, hugging the base, looking longingly at the top, trying numerous trails up that simply came to a vertical dead-end.

Does that thought epitomize my art career? I missed the trail there, too, in growing my base of collectors. I sent thank you notes to buyers, but didn’t follow up after that; didn’t keep them informed about new work. Some of those buyers live in other countries now. My email list would be solid if I had just asked, “How can I contact you.”

And how I wish I had trained myself to easily talk about my art. It took years just to have the confidence to say, “I am an artist,” even though I entered a lot of juried exhibitions and received awards.

The biggest wrong turn, though? Just as we should have asked directions from the ranger, I should have worked with a mentor or an advisor, gotten advice and expert direction.

So here, at this late stage of my life, should I stop trying to find people who love my artwork enough to buy it? Should I paint “just because I love it?”
EloiseatDawn (477x640)

It’s not in my personality to do either of those. I do love painting, but it is not a “hobby.” It’s a vision, a feeling, an emotion that I want to share. I want to know that a total stranger owns my work, that it brings a smile every time they pass it. I want people to look closely at the strokes of pastel, to see how three, four, five colors flow into one believable color, to be amazed at the beauty of pastel. I would appreciate a sale, but mostly I’d like to have another person fall in love with one of my paintings. Enough to take it home with them.

I’m working on my contact list and learning new ways to reach out to people. I’ve joined and become active in two art groups. I write, paint, and have fun. That mountain, Texas’s Enchanted Rock? It gave me understanding; it’s now my mental partner, my stimulus.


Carolyn Hancock



November 8, 2013

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