It’s Art Show Season!

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Artfest in C'da Park in Brownes Addition.
Artfest in C’da Park in Brownes Addition.

It is that time of year again.  Time to shake off the cold weather blues and brighten up your weekends with the outdoor art shows.  This weekend in Spokane, WA is Artfest.  Artfest is sponsored by the Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane and features artisans from all around the western US and beyond.

I enjoy the stroll past numerous vendors from Fine Arts to Crafts and even Artisan Foods.  If diversity is the spice of life then Artfest is the Spice Rack!  I even found myself making arrangements for a purchase (go figure). The grounds were teaming with Collectors, Artists, Families, Couples and even the lone wanderer (such as myself).

Nice Shady Spot
Nice Shady Spot

Parking is always at a premium at Artfest.  The C’da Park is in a residential neighborhood. However I think it is a wonderful thing that there is a parking problem at this show.  People work hard to get there and in this guys honest opinion it adds to the intention of being there.  I listen to the people as much as I can.  I heard a lot of people say they were interested buyers.  People like to browse at these events and then think and later pull the trigger on that art purchase.  It was easy to see the desire to purchase in their expressions and hear their comments.  The Spokane and C’da area have several shows through the course of the Summer months both indoor and outdoor.  They are all very well attended and have events for the whole family including music, childrens crafts and food vendors.

One of the many vendors at Artfest
One of the many vendors at Artfest has made many friends at these shows and artists have used our platform to promote and share their participation and location at events such as these.  It takes a lot of hard work and intentionally creating a focused base of interested clients in order to be successful in marketing your products.

Some of the friends I visited while walking the show have been regulars there for many, many seasons.  They are always to ones who sell at shows like this because they have a following of people who know they will be there and they make an effort to come and see them.  In fact, after the show I visited a Gallery in Spokane Valley and they asked if so and so were there and what about the guy who paints those humerous panels.  That is the recognition that garners sales.  So get out, get some sun, buy some art and get this Summer started!  I think I will go back to the show.  I might have missed something <grin>

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