Introducing Mr. Art Formee

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It is with great pride that we introduce to you Mr. Art Formee!

The Artists “Artist”.

Mr. Formee or “Art” as we call him, will travel around the world to artists studios and be present while they share a short video clip of their art and story.

Art has a special place in all our lives.  The presence of Art in the depiction of history, religion, emotions, the beauty of nature around us as well as the cultures and peoples of the world is a bond that we all share and cannot be broken.

Our vision with as well as is to share the works and stories of all artists regardless of their credentials. is proud to say we have a  presence with artists who have worldwide acclaim as well as those who are just starting their adventure into sharing their passion.

We do this because we truly believe the old saying “Art is in the Eye of the Beholder”.  Not to be cliché but I know many very successful artists who would be the first to tell you that they continue to improve on technique, composition and perspective.

So, this is your invitation to join us.  We will bring a whole new approach to sharing the talents of the artists of the world.  You can watch the growth and/or experience the mastery of the artists at the same time.

You can register as a free fan on here:

You can also register to the Art Marketing Blog and follow the stories and experiences here as well:

As we are all very well aware, there are many distractions in life these days.  We feel that sharing the positive expressions that Art can bring can be the kind of distraction that makes us feel better about life in general.  We value all our relationships and welcome you to become a part of the Flootie Family.

Yours in service to the arts everywhere,

Dean Cameron

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