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Too many times in our crazy busy lives we get locked into the “Groundhog Day” mindset (speaking of the movie by that title with Bill Murray). We wake up, go about our routine, come home and relax a bit before we go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again.  It becomes easy to say “I don’t have time for this or that” and miss out on some of lifes truly extraordinary experiences.

On a recent trip to Colorado, I fought back the temptation to say those words and during an interim time between my last meeting and before my flight was to depart, I took some time to visit the Leanin’ Tree Art Museum in Boulder, Colorado.

Do not let the idea that this is a tricky setup to sell Greeting Cards (Their specialty business) enter your mind.  This is one of the most impressive personal collections of Western and Contemporary Art I have ever seen.  Many of the artists are well known and yet several were not but their talent was par with the masters!  I was captivated by the diversity of the collection and in awe of the sheer talent from gifted artists whom I had not previously had the chance to view.

Artwork at Leanin' Tree Museum

The walls of artwork were punctuated by strategic placement of wonderful Bronze Sculpture to the point the viewer had to plan their walk so as not to miss anything.

 The outside of the Museum takes advantage of the view of the Rocky Mountains in the background with a fantastic Bronze Sculpture Garden that also blends traditional western with contemporary.

Sculpture Garden

I am very glad I had the opportunity to stop for a while and enjoy this visit.  I spoke to the owner of this fine art collection for a few minutes while he shared with me the complete history of one of the artists with an obvious passion for his works.  I look forward to the next time I am in the area.  I will make sure there is time for visit #2.  The one thing about a display such as this, you can visit 50 times and still find things you have never seen before.


Dean Cameron

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