If I wasn’t an Artist, I’d be a …by Debbie Hughbanks

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We are excited to have guest blogger Debbie Hughbanks contributing to The Art Marketing Blog! Debbie is an active member of https://www.flootie.com and her profile can be seen here https://www.flootie.com/profile/45/debbie-hughbanks/ We are always thrilled to have our subscriber artists contribute their idea’s, insights and musings!

If I Wasn’t an Artist I’d be a . . .

. . . horse. Yes, I did say horse! elegancenew_full Or maybe it would be a dog, bear, moose or bunny. Who knows which critter for sure, but definitely an animal of some sort. I have been saying that since I was a small child when every other kid was pretending to ride on horses, but I was pretending to be one.
Animals have always been a passion of mine. I love and respect them. I feel close to them. I am drawn to them . . . and I am compelled to draw and paint them. When I was young I spent most of my free time drawing horses, that is when I wasn’t reading books about them or “being” one. Today not that much has changed. I have a family of cherished furry and feathered friends and am honored to have daily visitors from the forest that surround my home and studio. I still find that the greatest percentage of my art is centered around that theme, be it wildlife or domestic animals. I also love exploring the relationship and bonds we build with the animals we share our lives with. sleepingonthejob_full

I think it is important to paint what is in your heart . . . what you feel strongly about . . . what you have a passion for. When a viewer looks at a painting of mine I hope they can experience the love and respect I feel for the animal I have portrayed in the piece.

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