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We are pleased to introduce our friend Marcella Rose today in The Art Marketing Blog.  Marcella has a vast list of accomplishments and awards and has done work for companies like Disney, Warner Bros. and many more.  You can learn more about Marcella and see her works on www.flootie.com and her works on this link: https://www.flootie.com/profile/?id=111

“Her Story” by Marcella Rose

Growing up on a western Minnesota farm spawned my lifelong love of all of nature, an interconnection to the land and sky – and, an infinite relationship to Spirit. Everything I create as an implement of Spirit speaks to the beauty – and potential – that life offers each of us. We all have the capacity to forge a path of our own choosing. To me, that path is one of reflection, affirmation and enlightenment. My work is built upon a central theme of my own life: in Gandhi’s words, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Following three decades in advertising and product design, I now focus entirely on the creation of fine art. My journey took me from the prairies of Minnesota to the desert of Arizona, from the mountains of transcending_dualitythe Pacific Northwest to the enchanted landscape of northern New Mexico – and now back to Minnesota’s lake country. While my commercial endeavors provided income, discipline and useful skills, my heart always resided elsewhere, i.e., the expression of emotional, esoteric, metaphysical and universal truths through painting and sculpture. I have been fortunate to include fine art through it all, and to transform my career during the past several years to live my dream.

As I embrace and reflect upon the most authentic phase of my career, the creative fire within me is more powerful than ever. I feel I am a conduit for encouraging others to examine their own inner wisdom. I serve to inspire and mentor, offering honor and testament to the role of art in forging a balanced, nurturing society. I know in my heart that my true purpose resides here and now. As I live, breathe and sleep the creative process, the inspiration never slows and the energy is abundant, emanating from that very deep pool of consciousness.Luminance-9-15

Melding passion and beauty to create artistic forms for others to experience and benefit from has always been my personal mantra.

What we love, we empower. What we fear, we empower. What we empower, we attract. My work is meant to be that mirror.

Marcella Rose “Be the change you wish to see”

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