Happy Birthday Flootie.com!

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Flootie.com is 1 year old!

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We are so very grateful to everyone who has helped us reach our first year.  When we first sat down to discuss concepts and implementation we had no idea what this journey would entail.  I would not do this Blog Post justice if I did not recognize the great work of Cindra and Chris Shields of Graphic Business Systems.

Cindra and I brainstormed this project from February of 2012.  Cindra was our graphic design lead and her son Chris wrote most of the code for Flootie.com.  Sadly, about 2/3 into the project we lost Cindra to an unexpected Cancer that happened very quickly and her son Chris was unable to continue. Cindra and Chris are missed often and Flootie.com would not be a reality today without their contribution.

Since then we have worked with some great companies here in Spokane to help with the continuing development of Flootie.com.  We are proud to say that we have many hundreds of followers and artists and art galleries who continue to share the wonderful artwork we all enjoy.  I would like to share a few of our successes and our continuing efforts to become the “Art Marketing Toolbox” of the Internet.

  • Our Flootie.com Facebook Page has 6611 “Likes” as of this morning!
  • Our Website has had 27,130 visits with 78,170 page views (That is a lot of people looking at a lot of great artwork!).
  • We have launched The Art Marketing Blog www.theartmarketingblog.com in conjunction with www.Flootie.com as a key tool in promoting our subscribers works and stories.
  • You will soon see Flootie TV on CMTV Cable TV and on YouTube as well.  This will be a fun show designed to introduce you to the artists and their stories as well as their artwork.
  • We have nearly 1200 works of art on the site and growing daily.
  • Flootie Artists are from all over the US, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Isle of Mann and more with many recognized world wide.
  • You should see the list of additions and upgrades I am working on with our Web Developer Jeff Ellingson!!!!!

The vision of Flootie came about when I started to realize that my successful 30+ years in Sales and Marketing in other industries had taught me many things that work for others, I did not see being used in marketing art.  In fact, art marketing has seen very little change in eons of time.  Even with the advent of Online Sales Sites they are still Galleries hoping that someone comes along and is willing to buy artwork from a jpeg image.

What Art Marketing needs is a way to help the artists and those who sell their art interact with people and develop relationships. Sometimes the power of the art may sell itself.  However it is our belief that artists are infinitely more successful selling art to people they have had conversation with and/or have become friends with.  Now, you may think, this is easy to say and hard to do and you are correct.  That is where we come in.  Our tools are designed to work with Social Media (where all the people are these days) as well as those whom you have had contact with and have their email address to interact, share your stories, explain your art project, make them aware of your new work in an intentional way and most important, enjoy what you do and what you have to share.

Why not take the power of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon and Pinterest and combine all that power into one bucket.  Now take and share your work/story to that focused group of people who have taken the time and energy to say “I like your work”.  I use a term for this and call it “Concentric Marketing”.

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You have my word that Flootie.com will always base our direction on these goals without charging commissions for sales and with the best interest of the artists, art galleries and art collectors in mind.

We are only 1 year old (just a toddler) but we are healthy and growing like a weed.  Come and join us and be a part of something that is intentionally looking for ways to make changes for the betterment of the arts.

Thank you very much,

Dean Cameron

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