From the perspective of an Art Collector

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I have always had a love for the arts both performing and visual.  I was in Drama in school and have always been somewhat of a “performer” whether it be in front of an audience, a camera or just my personality.

However that is where any artistic talent I may have ends.  I am the world’s worst at “artwork by my hands”.  This is likely a good thing as it makes me really appreciate those who can see something in their mind and transfer it as if by magic through their hands and to a canvas or other media.  I am enamored by visual art.  As a Collector I love the artwork for what it is and what it was intended to be.  Someone once asked me who my favorite artist was and what was my favorite painting.  I stood there and thought silently for a minute and could not answer.

I have tried to label myself as an Art Dealer, to which my wife laughs and say’s….you have to sell them to be a Dealer!  I have helped many artists sell their works in Galleries and through vehicles we have created for them.  However when I buy a piece it becomes a member of the family and very, very hard to part with.  I had an opportunity once to sell an antique painting we owned of gargantuan size at an auction at Bonhams in New York.  I loved that painting but had nowhere to display it.  It sold for over twice the estimated value! You would think I would be thrilled but I would buy it back today if I could because of seller’s remorse.

I wish I still owned this!
I wish I still owned this!

I consider myself an “Art Addict” however in my defense there are a lot worse things to be addicted to that do not make you feel any better than the enjoyment derived from art.  Pam and I own, Western Art, Abstract Art, Impressionist works of art as well as Realism, and Contemporary. They may be Landscapes, Figurative or Still Life, they all touch us in unique ways and do not compete with each other as they are intended to be unto themselves.

Contrary to the “world view” of collecting art, we do not collect to make financial gain.  We collect because we enjoy collecting!  We do not throw caution to the wind and spend frivolously.  We do negotiate with the Artist or Gallery but we always feel like it was a fair transaction at the end of the day.  Besides, in order to make financial gain…I would have to sell them!!!

We poke a little fun at my “Art Addiction” on Flootie TV.  We all have something we can laugh at ourselves about.  There is too much “serious” in today’s world.  Let’s infuse life with a little fun and games and share in the world of art that makes us feel good without potential harmful side effects…

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