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Today’s internet marketing it an ever changing landscape of changing algorithms and rules. What used to help you get attention on the search engines either no longer works or in fact works against you. It seems like as soon as you get yourself “corrected” it changes again and the cycle

One way to make sure you have visibility is to be listed in relevant and visited directory listings specific to your target market. Be warned however that “pay for listings” and spam generators can actually hurt you. Google is very smart these days. They are looking for content, structure and value to the intended audience and can tell when people are trying to “cheat” the system.

Our partner and host website has created just this type of valuable resource for our focused group of Artists and Art Galleries. Our Directories are intended to give artists and those who sell their art the relevant exposure of an image, email address, website address, blog or newsletter address and the ability to add a bio and/or description of their business model. It is searchable on the search engines and best of all it is completely free.

Having Fun on Flootie
Having Fun on Flootie

We provide this as a service to reach not only our artist friends and partners but also for the art loving public to be able to find them. Our Artist Directory can be found here Artist Directory and our retail Art Gallery Directory can be found here Art Gallery Directory Just click on the “Create a Listing” link on the top of either page.

Getting the word out to your fans is hard work and can add up to a lot of investment in both time and money. Take advantage of the opportunities to create visibility for free whenever you can.


We would love to see your artwork, your story and YOU on

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