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We are pleased to offer a transcript of our most recent episode of Flootie TV to our Blog audience. Flootie is working hard to provide working artists with a “Toolbox” of Marketing Tools to further their art career. We also care about the future of our young “soon to be” artists and hope to empower their education and creativity. Please enjoy this transcript and/or feel free to watch the entire show on our Flootie TV tab on the Website

Welcome to a very special episode of Flootie TV. We are coming to you today from Avenue West Gallery in Spokane Washington.
Avenue West Gallery is a Co-op Gallery and has been a mainstay for artists and arts in the community of Spokane for the past 12 years showing sometimes up to 30 artists at a time.
Avenue West Gallery shares a wide and diverse range of artwork and many of the artists here such as Marci Cook, Bari Fedrspiel, Cheryl Halverson, Carol Schmauder, Richard Warrington and even Dian Zahner one of the founders of Avenue West Gallery rely on Flootie.com to help with their marketing efforts.
But what about the future? Who will be the next generation of artists to share their creative talents with our community? This is where Flootie.com has decided to not only help and support the marketing efforts of today’s artists but also to help foster an environment for the future artists of not only our community but in areas all around the US and beyond through our “Artists Forever” Art Supply Grant Program.
In Today’s show we are going to share 3 such opportunities that all share similar challenges yet exciting opportunities to foster and grow creative minds. While filming this first example at East Farms Steam Magnet School in Greenacres, Washington. We were excited to see 3rd and 4th grade students creating fused glass and learning about print making as well.

It is no secret that choosing to be a full time artist can be a “Feast or famine” proposition when it comes to finances. The artists here at Avenue West Gallery work hard as a team to promote, display as well as share in the duties of staffing the Gallery to help customers select and purchase artwork from all of the artists and not just their own works. This community mindset helped them be selected as “Spokane’s Finest 1st Friday Art Venue”.
Financial constraints is also a reality in our public school systems. Administrators often have to make difficult decisions in relation to funding education programs. Unfortunately the Arts Programs tend to be the first line items in the budgets to see cuts.
This puts art teachers in a precarious position of often times having to dig into their own personal finances to adequately be able to teach these young, hungry and creative minds properly. At Flootie we do not feel this is right or fair and if we have to start with one school at a time we want to reach out and help.
Our next school is City School in the Spokane Valley. City School takes a real world approach to educating young minds in a “City Like” atmosphere. Student take jobs such as you would see in a city environment and participate as a community.

Over the years, Avenue West Gallery has occupied several locations in Spokane from City Center Downtown to their new location on Boone and Monroe.
Starting with an empty concrete warehouse the collective of artists and many faithful helpers used this “blank slate” to create this beautiful space you see here today. Often times it is this “blank canvas” creativity that inspires the artistic mind.
Our next school is Orient School in Orient, Washington. Orient School is the oldest operational school in the state of Washington and also one of its most rural schools as well.
The art budget for this year was completely dropped due to financial constraints. However, through creative problem solving, our Artist Forever Grant and the generosity of a wonderful local artist, the kids from Orient School will not be without an education and opportunity to explore their artistic imagination.

This concludes our show today at Avenue West gallery here on the corner of Boone and Monroe in Spokane, Washington. We encourage you to take time to visit and take in the enormous talent and creativity on display.
We also hope you have enjoyed and share in our passion to foster the creativity of our future artists as well as connect and get to know all our talented regional, national and international artisians on Flootie.com.
Thanks for sharing this time with us and until next time, enjoy the peace and passion of the arts…the world needs it.

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