Concentric Marketing and YOU!

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You may have heard me use this term a time or two. So what is “Concentric Marketing?” It is actually a fairly simple concept but surprisingly few people adopt it as a strategic plan.

Concentric Marketing
Concentric Marketing
We will focus the conversation regarding concentric marketing as it relates to art sales for this discussion.

I have met and know many artists who cringe at the concept of marketing. I have heard countless times the phrase “I just want to paint and let someone else sell my work”. Well, unless you are part of the .000001% of great artists who succeed this way you may need to rethink your strategy. Marketing with a focus and a plan are an absolute necessity if you have a chance of success. I know many artists whom I look up to and admire for their ability to both create as well as brand themselves and succeed in enough sales to make a full time comfortable living selling their works. This is far from easy but with determination to succeed and the willingness to put in the hours, they make it happen.

So back to concentric marketing. Here is an incomplete list of ways to sell your artwork. Option1 1. Art Shows: Make sure your goal is to gather contact information from every person who walks in your booth. 2. Gallery Sales: ARTISTS!! The Gallery is your friend and the two of you need to collaborate on ways to help each other. They are not supposed to be competition for your direct sales. On the converse, Galleries, the artist needs to eat. Do not restrict them from making sales. Good communication and a plan with acceptable boundaries can work wonders. The Art Gallery is a very important partner. 3. Website: I encourage all artists to have a web presence. Getting the traffic there is the key. You will not sell many $2000.00 paintings online with only a jpeg file to present your work. However the marketing, customer development, brand recognition, networking is where the most value is and if used correctly is a gold mine for little cost. 4. Newsletter/Blogging/Email lists: 5. Social Media: This is all about collecting interested potential clients and fans of your work.

Art Chowder Magazine
Art Chowder Magazine
If you work the first 3 correctly you should have a lot of opportunity to make #4 work for you. 6. Video Marketing: Youtube is the #2 search engine next to Google. If that does not interest you then check your pulse! Creating well developed video with engaging content is likely the very best arrow in your quiver. Again, you have to get the traffic to the video but that is where Facebook, friendships and email lists come in handy. 7. Print Media: Finding your potential clients and having a presence in quality print (Magazine, Newspaper, Local Journal of Business etc..) is very valuable.

Some of these idea’s may not work for you. I guarantee you that if worked properly, several will. Don’t just pick one or even two. Find several and maximize the potential opportunities to share your talents. In my 30+ years in business I can tell you some of my most successful opportunities have come from directions I did not expect.

Thanks, Dean

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