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So let’s start today’s blog with a question:  Would you only go fishing in the same spot every single time?  Of course not!  The fish are not always there so you move around to try and find them.  You try different areas of the same water and you even try different waters as you look for fish.

Concentric Marketing = Results
Concentric Marketing = Results

Marketing is much the same.  If you just try the same thing every single time you are never going to achieve optimum results.  You try different approaches in the same area’s as well as looking for unique area’s to share what you have to offer.

Take for example.  Our goal is to find art lovers to connect with artists.  We have our website to be the landing place for those who are searching.  We have the social media tools for the artists to share their works to over 290 venues on the Internet.  We have this blog to share tips as well as a place for the artists to share their stories to a unique audience. has also taken the “outside the box” approach to sharing our artists and a little fun to the Television viewing audience with our own T.V Show.  Flootie TV airs on public cable station CMTV14 in the Spokane area as well as optional programming nationwide through PegMedia.  You can view episode #1 here:

Today’s blog title “Concentric Marketing” is the term used to mean “Marketing from Multiple Directions”.  This can take any form of diversity that works for you.  However you may want to keep track of what works and what does not and keep trying new ways to interact with your potential customers. The old saying “Rome was not built in a day” is true.  Neither is a successful business.  Be patient but keep building and you will achieve results.

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