An Artists Interview: Richard Warrington

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Another great article by roving Blogger Ginny Brennan. Read her interview With Richard Warrington- International Sculptor. See Richard’s Flootie Page at Richard Warrington Profile

Ginny – What inspired you to become an artist?

Richard – Regarding sculpture, I had seen some bad work and began to design some of my own two and three dimensional forms. I specialize in one-of-a-kind site specific.

Ginny – When did you start sculpting?

Richard – During my childhood I had seen a sculpture and it stayed with me. In 1971 I opened “Warrington Studio’s”, a small art gallery in “2nd
City” and sold my own work. I started out as an oil painter doing primarily large surrealistic landscapes. Desiring to work more dimensionally I tried my hand at sculpture for home interiors, which proved successful as I had a talent for designing commission pieces for private homes as well as commercial buildings. I have been sculpting for over 40 years. recclubatseason

Ginny – Can you remember one of the first things you sculpted? What makes it memorable?

Richard – The first large design was Gemini II inspired by Tutankhamun. This was installed at Columbia Basin Community College in their Cub Building and is still there today, 33 years later!

Ginny – Which of your pieces is your favorite?

Richard – My stainless steel piece, “Strength of Mission” sculpted in 2008.

Ginny – Is there an artist you relate to?

Richard – I was strongly influenced by English Sculptor, Henry Moore. I am drawn to realism and emotionally flowing work.

Ginny – What would you call your style?

Richard – I sculpt in an impressionistic style, seeking a fresh way of looking at things as did the artists of Impressionist movement. SGR1(2)

Ginny – What is the main challenge you face when beginning a new project?

Richard – While I’m working on my project I am thinking, “is it going to be right at the end, is it going to be the same as the drawing”.

Ginny – What is the best thing about being an artist?

Richard – Freedom is the number one reason. There are restrictions and controls, but you drive them as an artist.

Ginny – Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and discovered a whole new genre of art?

Richard –I have always challenged myself by doing shows and art expositions in other cities across the USA. I like where I am regarding my art and prefer to stay in that realm. I have attempted to use materials other than metal like wood, paper, acrylics, etc., but always return to the strength, power and flexibility of metal. Doing monumental sculpture pieces are the most challenging. They require me to be more skilled as a craftsman and knowledgeable regarding the engineering aspect of a big piece.

4:30 Early 6'h x 38"w 22"d
4:30 Early 6’h x 38″w 22″d

Ginny – Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?

Richard – I am a spiritual person and I have strong emotional reactions to everything around me which usually results in a sculpture design.

Ginny – What advice do you have for aspiring artist?

Richard – stick to your guns. Don’t make yourself a homebody. Get outside your hometown environment. Have faith in what you do.

Ginny – Where is your art shown?

Richard – my art is viewable

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