An Artists Interview: Patricia Jessee

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We are thrilled to share our latest blog post from our wandering artist/interviewer Ginny Brennan. The following interview is from Virginia Artist Patricia Jessee.

Ginny – When did you start painting?

Pat – My earliest art memories are from about the age of five years old. As a child my home was an old Tudor that had wonderful architectural detail that I was very interested in and a yard full of flowers. I was so fortunate to live in an area of beautiful homes, yards and walks. My father designed and built things and I worked along side him as a child. I also benefited from living across the street from the Greek Orthodox Church and the Dayton Art Institute, which I later attended.

Ginny – What inspired your works?
 Patricia Jessee 1

Pat – Everything! Even emptiness can inspire me. While caring for my Dad, who had Alzheimer’s disease, it was difficult to paint as he would think my art need to be put away and would constantly move it to places in our home where I couldn’t find it. I had a hat that I had been using regularly and it was beginning to show wear and I looked at it and thought “when you are gone I will miss you”. I created a book of many different photos of the hat called “Out of the Hat”.

Ginny – Which of your artwork pieces is your favorite?

Pat – In the last three years I have participated in public painting on stage while live performances are being performed mostly by symphony orchestra. I sit with my back to the audience and, of course, the orchestra faces the audience. This has been so exhilarating to paint to the music with an audience of over 600 hundred watching and listening.

Ginny – Is there an artist you relate to?
 Patricia Jessee 2

Pat – As a child the first artist I related to was Jean-Leon Gerome’s “Dance of the Almeh”. When my Dad took me to the Dayton Museum later in my life he told me what I had said at five when viewing the “Dance of the Almeh” – “Look at the Dancer her sash is made of gold and her nails are painted red like Mommy’s. I also am extremely fond of Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Francis.

Ginny – What would you call your style?

Pat – My painting styles are Abstract, Calligraphic, Energetic and Color Field. Energy Art is the depiction of energy using color, form, and composition to create inventive and expressive works of art that resonate with impact and feeling. Calligraphic is a visual art related to writing. Color Field is a style of abstract painting that emerged in New York City during the 1940s and 1950s.

Ginny – Did you ever feel like giving up?

Pat – NEVER! When I die I won’t give it up and when I go to heaven there will be a “bad ass” studio party”!

Ginny – How long as art been part of you life?

Pat – I began painting at the Dayton Art Museum classes for children at age five.

Ginny – What have you enjoyed the most about being an artist?

Pat – Never a day goes by that I’m not glad to be an artist.

Ginny – What is your least favorite thing about being an artist?

Pat – It is no different than being a beautiful tree that people walk by everyday and don’t notice.

Ginny – Is there a purpose to your artwork?

Pat – It keeps me sane and helps others toy with the insane. In New Orleans I had a very religious experience. I was working a lot in the public murals and I got very comfortable with people and art. I have more satisfaction when my art comes more from feeling than from thinking.

 Patricia Jessee 3

Ginny – What do you feel when people interpret your artwork different from your intentions?

Pat – I like the sense that my piece of art is living and that it goes through many changes when there is more spirit to it.

Ginny – How about advice for new artists?

Pat – Jump in with everything you can and don’t worry about money. Do what you can with even just a little money. One artist I know in Bristol, VA, Susanne Stryke painted a whole series of watercolor with low acid coffee.

Ginny – Is there a statement in your art?

Pat – On occasion I’ve done something with a certain message. Once I was painting an abstract with the symphony playing “Scheherazade” and an elderly gentleman came up and said, “I’ve been coming to the symphony for over twenty five years and always keep my eyes closed, but now with your art I can see color when the orchestra plays.

Patricia Jessee an accomplished Abstract Artist in Acrylics, Water Colors, Pencil and Graphite
Education – Dayton Art Institute, MFA Tulane University, New Orleans
Previously in Simone Stern Gallery in New Orleans
Has exhibited at the Dayton Art Institute
Patricia recently had thirty pieces exhibited at the SW Virginia Community College biennial and also performed on stage with a bluegrass band during the exhibition period.
Facebook Page –

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