An Artists Interview: Dee Conroy

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While traveling in the Chicago area, Ginny Brennan was able to meet up with artist Dee Conroy.  Enjoy meeting this artist and see her works!

Ginny Brennan – When did you begin painting?

 Dee Conroy – As a child I doodled and art was my passion.  My father also drew architectural drawings and I drew along side of him.  I attended Business College in the Philippines and truly desired to be going to Art School, with a little negotiation, my parents allowed me to change my focus and I was able to get a BA in Fine Art and Advertising Graphic Design allowing me to follow my passion that I have had since childhood.

 Ginny Brennan – What inspires your work?

 Dee Conroy – What I am exposed to on a daily basis.  Recently, while visiting Australia, I was able to sketch and photo landscapes as I paint mostly landscapes.


 Ginny Brennan – Which of your artwork pieces is your favorite?

 Dee Conroy – My favorite art is a series of paintings of my indoor cat, “Kramer”, with one in particular of him walking in the snow.

 Ginny Brennan – Is there an artist you relate to?

 Dee Conroy – I studied Van Gogh in college and aspire to use his techniques and color palette.  Van Gogh’s life is also an inspiration for me.  I also admire Andy Warhol for his modern side of art.


 Ginny Brennan – What would you call your style?

 Dee Conroy – I would call my art impressionism and very traditional as art started out.  I love modern art, but practice a more traditional, classical art.

 Ginny Brennan – Did you ever feel like giving up?

 Dee Conroy – No, actually sometimes I get up in the night time and paint with huge emotion.

 Ginny Brennan – How long have you been painting/drawing?

 Dee Conroy – I’ve been painting since early childhood and use my art skills heavily at my job as a graphic designer in Chicago.

 Ginny Brennan – What’s the best thing about being an artist?

 Dee Conroy – A strong feeling of freedom.  When painting my indoor cat “Kramer”, I’m able to paint him in a forest, or anywhere I want.  I can use my imagination to make things happen.


 Ginny Brennan – What is the worst thing about being an artist?

 Dee Conroy – Sometimes the emotion that comes with my art I’m unable to work through a project and can’t finish my work, also having a full-time day job can cause frustration.

 Ginny Brennan – Is there a purpose to your artwork?

 Dee Conroy – It is very personal to let out my creative side.  It can be sometimes difficult to share with people what emotions are within my art.

 Ginny Brennan – How do you feel when people interpret your artwork differently? 

 Dee Conroy – Sometimes I get touchy but try to be as open minded as possible. Also sometimes people can be harsh, but you certainly do learn from their perspective.

 Ginny Brennan – What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

 Dee Conroy – Keep doing what you want to do if it is art or music, just keep doing it.  Nothing will hold you back if you keep focused and keep at it.

Ginny Brennan – Do you try to make a statement with your art?

 Dee Conroy – No, not really, I want to share my art and maybe people can gain a great impression out of it. When sharing my art some people do not connect.  As an example, at art shows you can see people study and experiencing the art and then others just walk by.  As an artist, you cannot let that influence you negatively.  We are all artists and we all need to try to understand.

 Ginny Brennan – Where is your work shown?

 Dee Conroy –   My art available for viewing and purchase at



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