An Artist Interview – Jackie Dolpp

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Join us for another great artist interview with roving reporter Ginny Brennan.  This time with Virginia artist Jackie Dolpp.

Ginny – Who are you and what do you do?

Jackie – I am an artist, primarily old school purist.  I like the ‘white’ of watercolor paper! I am primarily a watercolor artist.  I love experiments and trying new things. I am active volunteer and Board member of the Depot Artists Association in Abingdon, VA.  I’m also active in other arts organizations and I assist in fundraising for the arts in Abingdon and I have taught several classes.


Ginny – Why do you do what you do?

Jackie – I love manipulating color, in all my work which currently involves collages, pastels, alcohol inks, wax batik.  I also create my own collage papers.

Ginny – How do you work?

Jackie – I have a studio in the Abingdon, VA Arts Depot.  I also paint in my home studio.  At home, life interrupts my art.  I work three days with the Arts Depot walk-in traffic.

Ginny – What’s your background?

Jackie – I am self-taught and have attended many art workshops.  I also work with the Virginia Highlands Festival and Art Shows.  I was on the first festival board when originally organized in the 1970’s and I’m still on the board of directors for the festival. I took up watercolors during the first years while serving on the board.  I began fabric painting during this period of time.  My volunteer work with the Arts festival brought me into contact with a network of fine artists as we put the program together which is held annually the first week in August .  Landscape1

Ginny – What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Jackie –  The love of experimenting and trying new things.

Ginny – What role does an artist have in  society?

Jackie – To brighten their corner of the world.  People who come back to visit after a long time tell me how my art brightens their world.

Ginny – How has your practice changed over time?

Jackie – I have mostly been traditional and always done watercolors, collage and pastels.  As the world changes and new enhancements in modern science/chemistry changes in art has allowed ne art mediums like alcohol ink.

Ginny – What do you most identify with?

Jackie – With my watercolor, I have never gotten over the joy of dropping watercolor and see the magic art of it.

Ginny – What work do you most enjoy doing?

Jackie – My favorite thing is what I’m working on now or what I just finished.


Ginny – Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Jackie – I was fortunate to attend the Chilhuly exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.I so enjoyed the living things and floating orbes on a boat .  I came back home and painted a painting of marbles with reflections in the water  for my grandson who loved it and hung it in his room.

Ginny – What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Jackie – I was a secretary out of school, then a head of an accounting team.  I was a stay at home Mom after which I worked in a bookstore.

Ginny – What memorable responses have you had to your work

Jackie – A child psychiatrist meditates in front of one of my pieces of art before she begins to encounter her day.  This is the greatest compliment.

Ginny – Your favorite or most inspirational place?

Jackie – The ocean or beach.

Ginny – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Jackie –  In order for me to loosen up I was told to take a pail of water into the backyard with a full sheet of paper and splash away.  Another piece of advice I was given is that when you paint you only have to please yourself and those are the feelings others sense and will like it.








You can see more of Jackie Dolpp at:

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