A Painter’s Thoughts

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*We are proud to offer this article from our friend and fabulous artist Elsie Stewart.  Elsie has shown her works throughout the Western U.S. and beyond to much success.  To see more of Elsies works you can find her Flootie.com bio page here https://www.flootie.com/profile/?id=228



Some folks have asked me to write about my thoughts pertaining to my paintings.  Well, I have thought about different aspects of my work and although this write up does not cover it all by any means, this is what I came up with…each exhibit I have is carefully selected for the particular venue and most often reflects the current range and focus of what I do at the time.  Primarily, I use acrylic paint on stretched canvas, occasionally mixed media, working with any available tools.

"Red Turnimg Point" by Elsie Stewart
“Red Turnimg Point” by Elsie Stewart

I use brushes naturally, along with plastic bags, towels, make-up sponges, and my fingers and sharp sticks are consistently used in varying degrees.

I use the figures as characters in a stage production.  I choreograph them.  I direct them.  They usually do what I want!  When nude female figures are painted they are sometimes meant to be subtle reminders of vulnerability and new beginnings… Births.

No two paintings are alike.  They don’t carry an air of sameness, yet friends, family and collectors, who know my work, can recognize it from across a crowded exhibition space.  Being versatile is an exciting element in my paintings for me personally, and I hope to the viewer. prada09nov_091

Some artists can do virtually the same painting over and over again.  Don’t they feel trapped?

A gentleman once asked me, “How long does it take you to BASH one of these paintings out?”  After I caught my breath I answered “I don’t.”

Each painting is a singular work involving all or pieces of my past experience.  Though a painting may take only three or four weeks to complete, the time spent looking at the painting considering all aspects, from all angles, in different lights is much more.  I throw it on the floor and walk around it.  I admit, I talk with myself!  Does the painting “meet up” with my vision for it?  Does it convey what I want?  If there are figures, are they accurate anatomically?  Should I distort a figure to emphasize a movement or emotion?  Darken here?  Lighten there?  So many, many questions I ask myself and the particular work.  I do this so much that the answers are mostly intuitive nowadays.

Getting back to experience…I am not speaking of only artistic experience, but what I have experienced living and being intensely involved with other persons and the changes, hurts and delights that come along with these precious relationships.

I feel that I might be rambling on, but if you have any specific questions, please contact me through  www.flootie.com.

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