A New Kid on the Block!

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We at Flootie have built this wonderful platform for artists to share their works and stay connected to faithful fans via social media as well as other media tools we provide.  We have touted the uniqueness of many of the social media platforms and the portion of the marketplace each of them serves.

Well, not much has changed in our opinion.  We still suggest a broad brush approach to social media.  The Portal on Flootie makes it easy to share with numerous sites from one easy location.

However, the above opinions allow room to add another player to the game.  Welcome TSU.  Here is a short video link that explains it better than I.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWXWZSW2PTQ

Facebook is going to start charging for you to build the huge amounts of content that makes them rich.  TSU realizes that your content is what they need and so they will pay you for it.  Don’t think you are going to get rich.  Your not.  I have earned .55 cents in three weeks.  However people get paid a little bit of money to share original content.  TSU also has vehicles to report copyright infringement and they are not afraid to ban abusers on the site.


TSU also has a down line element that when you invite your friends to join (for free) they become your “children” and you share in little bits of their content revenue as well (think of it as a finders fee).

So let me see, people get paid to share your content (giving credit to you), TSU pays you for sharing your work, you can get a few pennies for all the content your friends create AND the site is well put together and easy to use with easy metrics that show you who likes your work, their contact info and more!  You have to be invited to join TSU.  We would be happy to have you join our Flootie family of TSU by registering here: www.tsu.co/flootie.

We share the works from our artist family and work to help them all further their following.  Oh and in case you are thinking we are trying to get you to join so we make money….nope.  We donate any revenue from this site to charity.  Our goal is to be the best promoter of your artwork with all the benefits that come along with www.Flootie.com. Remember MySpace?  Facebook beat them into the ground.  Facebook has a new contender and they are up for the fight. TSU is going places fast.  I suggest you jump on board and hold on tight!

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